Working construction in N.Y.C. for 20+ years had taken a toll on my shoulders and back.

I was searching for an exit strategy, and started to mess around online. This was during the height of the rev shares... I was successful with them, but we all know how that turned out. 

Then one day an online friend showed me something amazing,

(he didn't even realise the power built in to what he had shown me)

This was no stale c.d. or e book.

Fellow marketer,

I walked away from my construction job a few years ago, it wasn't easy at first, I fell into the usual online traps. Fake gurus, fake traffic, programs that disappeared... lol... the list goes on and on. I can laugh about it now, but when you have a family to feed it's not funny at all. I wasted and lost a lot of time and money. When those programs dried up, so did a lot of my income. OK, enough of that. (depressing). When I realised what my friend had shown me, I couldn't sleep that night. I knew I had found the answer, and I went to work.


These are pictures from a recent vacation, and my son (seen pitching). I haven't missed a game or practice in a couple of years now. You won't see any pictures of me standing in front of any mansions, or driving a Lambo, but you won't see me unloading any truckloads of construction materials, or swinging any wrenches either. To me thats what it's all about.

Do You Want To Know The Secret?

Sorry, there is none... except that I've taken a proven business, with a product that every marketer on line and off line needs. It's actually underpriced (cheap) with a unique compensation plan, and figured out a way to tweak it, leverage it, and take advantage of it, so everyone on my team can succeed. I set it up in such a way that anyone can duplicate the success of the ones who joined before them.

I Built A Complete System

This is not a get rich quick scheme. (yes there is some work involved) anyone who tells you otherwise belongs in the categories I mentioned above... lol

  • This is not a phony guru trying to upsell you a bunch of garbage. There are no gurus here, just       hard working honest marketers.
  • This is not a worn out ebook.
  • This is not Clickbank, adsense, or anything like that.
  • This isn't a video that gets you all hyped up, then offers no plan.



This is an actual, detailed plan that hundreds have already plugged into. Once you decide to join us, you'll be invited by your sponsor into our private Facebook group. You may recognize some of the leaders who have already come aboard. 

The system is FREE, and sets up in about a half hour.

If anything I've said here makes any sense to you, just fill out the form below and have a look at what we're up to. Of course you are under no obligations, talk is cheap, and checking out and getting the information about our team is FREE.


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